• Lag BaomerFun for the whole family. RESERVE
  • Camp Gan IzzyWhere the fun won't stop.
    Now accepting campers ages 2-12.
  • Private Challah BakesYour home. Your neighbors and friends.
    We'll bring the rest!
  • Shavuot CelebrationIce cream partaaay!
    10 toppings. 10 commandments.
  • Hebrew School of the ArtsNot your mama's Hebrew school TM
    Ages 3+
    Try one Sunday FREE
At Chabad at The City of Delray Beach, every Jew is welcomed with open arms. Rabbi Mendy and Mirel Heber have made it their mission to create an array of programming to bring the Jewish community together and promote Jewish awareness and pride. Here, all Jewish individuals and families feel at home regardless of background or affiliation.

Join the movement to strengthen Jewish community, every day.
Learning & Inspiration
  • 10 Facts You Should Know About Queen Salome AlexandraA ruler from ancient Judea's Second Temple times, she embodied nobility and righteousness. Read More
  • Easy Cherry-Cheese Tarts for Shavuot Read More
Daily Quote
For two-and-a--half years, the House of Shammai and the House of Hillel debated. These said: It is better for man not to have been created than to have been created; and those said: It is better for man to have been created than to not have been created. In the end, they voted on it and concluded: It is better for man not to have been created than to have been created; but now that he was created, he should search his deeds.
Talmud, Eruvin 13b
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